Saturday, February 22, 2020

Managing Behavior in the Workplace Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Managing Behavior in the Workplace - Term Paper Example It is a reality that today workplace issues happen to be more diverse, complex, and inexplicable than ever before. A large percentage of such issues are commonly found to be originating from negative workplace environment fraught with confusions, biases, discrimination, fear, and unhealthy criticism. Negative environment in turn originates from mismanaged workforce behavior. An army leader should be well aware of the direction in which the behavior of his men proceeds as it can influence the whole country either for the good or the worse. Major annoying issues developing due to bad or wayward behavior include excessive gossip about each other’s personal affairs, sexual or mental harassment, communication gap between leaders and employees, and mistreatment of myriad changes by workforce. It is true that changes are always for the betterment of the organization and if those changes are not welcomed by the employees due to behavior which lacks obedience and understanding, results can be disastrous and much chaos could be created. This paper basically aims to postulate that the army leaders should be highly acknowledged to the behavior of those working under them as appropriately managed behavior is especially important in the military context since it raises concern not only for the army but for the entire nation as well. Stress also results when behavior is not managed efficiently. For this purpose, it remains mandatory for an army leader to communicate more often with the people of his army so that confusion about certain instructions could be removed and general appreciation for one another could be developed. Moreover, each worker should be motivated by the army leader to do a lot of things which do not necessarily fall into the role assigned to that worker like filling communication gap, condemning negative gossip, offering creative ideas, and professional handling of the bosses who sabotage employee’s careers. Professional handling of the bosse s who negatively affect employees’ careers relates to zero tolerance for harassment directed at employees. A leader should always try to set an example himself in order to see the workforce behaving appropriately. There is no chance for an employee to behave good if the leaders themselves engage in unprofessional activities like feeling tired all the time, arriving late for important tasks, and remaining absent. It becomes increasingly important for an army leader to set a good character example so that his workers could take an advice just by looking at his personality. It is repeatedly suggested by the researchers that creating a kind of culture where people feel part of the organization itself rather than merely remaining involved in their individual jobs makes a company preferable over another to work for. Many people leave army only because they do not feel themselves to be a part of the whole scene, rather they start considering their lives monotonous and boring. That i s just one way by which most of the talent gets wasted. In order to keep workers from feeling monotonous, changes should be implemented by efficient leaders. Though changes are despised but â€Å"

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