Wednesday, May 29, 2019

America Needs the Stop-loss Program Essay -- Argumentative Persuasive

America Needs the Stop-loss Program The scary existence of the war on Iraq is something all Americans face today, the reality universe, what happens if we do not have enough soldiers to continue all of the projects that the united States have already started. Does America have enough troops for what they are doing? great deal America afford to tell people when they leave the military, thanks and we wish the best for you with civilian life, or should they be fighting to guard them as long as possible? America spend the money to keep the soldiers employed and across the waters to keep the promises made to make Iraq a democratic sylvan? America needs to continue their fight, even if it means to maintain solders longer then they once thought. With the Stop-loss program introduced by President George W. pubic hair, the military finally legitimate the power needed to persevere the numbers needed in winning the War on Iraq. Since June of 2004, 800 soldiers have died w hile fighting the war in Iraq, as well as nearly 4,700 wounded in battle, reported Pete Yost in the Associated Press, on June 1, 2004. Not only is the military losing soldiers due to death or being wounded, but there have also been a large number of people who, when they are discharged from the military, do not reenlist, but instead they command to go and try their luck in the civilian world. The rate America keeps losing their men and women, in Iraq proves that something needs to be done to keep the military in the high supply needed. How can the promise made to the Iraqi civilians be kept if there is not enough man power to finish what was started? positive(p) the number of civilians who have been signing up has drastically decreased. That is why President Bushs stop-loss program otherwise known as the back-door write is pivotal for our continuing fight. According to what is written in the policy The policy is designed to assist in meeting manpower requirements for future operations, and will, therefore, evolve to remain pertinent to future operations, and will, therefore, evolve to remain relevant to future developments in mission requirements and our involvement in current operations. (Maradmin 007/03). This policy was put into effect after phratry 11, 2001 in order to keep the military numbers up.With the stop-loss policy America is fighting to keep their military well stocked... the military how can they afford to keep people there? If a promise to a country is made, then the country needs to be willing to keep the promise to the best of their ability. The United States, could not win the war without the soldiers who fought in it, and they cannot give Iraq the freedom promised if they do not have enough men and women in combat. The stop-loss program that President Bush set up and put into play is something that was very needed in the country during this time of conflict. In conclusion, there are many reasons wh y the back-door draft is something that is needed in todays society. American is trying its hardest to spread freedom and democracy around the world, to countries that have not been able to guard it on their own. The military plays a massive role in the gift that America is giving to Iraq, without the military the old Iraqi government would still be in charge, and they would be a lot further away from freedom. With President Bushs stop-loss program, it does just that it stops the loss we were suffering with the deaths and discharges of soldiers and keeps the military across-the-board of soldiers who have first hand experience.

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