Thursday, May 30, 2019

Themes of The Village by the Sea by Anita Desai Essay -- Village Sea

Themes of The Village by the Sea by Anita Desai The novel, the village by the sea by Anita Desai is about how Hariand Lila struggle for the survival of their family in the absence oftheir drunken male parent and ill perplex. As portrayed in the beginning ofthe novel, the opening scene is described to be an unstableenvironment. This is reflected by the shot of the waves and howthey are portrayed to be unstable as the author uses phrases such ashigh tide and low tide to show the instabilities of life and itschanges. In relation to this essential opening scene, this novel is shortly paraphrased to be a book describing the transformations andthe hardships in life. As connected to these major morals described bythe author, there are several minor themes in relation to the moralsas mentioned earlier. These themes are responsibility, self-controland love.The main themes of this novel are change and survival. ?Change? inthis book is the way each feature is able to understand things inlif e have to be changed in order to progress. The theme of change isportrayed when the governors decide to turn Thul into an industrialarea. other situations are when Biju starts to introduce motor boatsto Thul for fishing instead of manual one and this shows that thechange of boats is for the development of fishing. Desai is able tocommunicate to us this theme when Hari?s father is able to turn from auseless drunken man to a responsible and caring person and also howHari?s mother is able to score better from her ill state. With this, we lowlife see that each situation in the book is linked together by the wayHari?s father changes when his mother falls ill and is taken to thehospital. This theme is stro... ... Coconut day. One main oneis the way Hari?s father out of love for the family and his wifechanges from wino to a responsible man.A nonher theme shown is self-control and this shown by the way Lila isable to keep the money she earns from the De Silvas to buy food forthe family and not spent on useless things.Other examples are the wayHari makes a lot of money in Bombay, but although there so many nicethings in there, he does not spend it but saves it. One character thatis able to show this is Hari?s father by the way he is able to controlhimself from drinking toddy.From what we can see in the novel, the themes are related to eachother like change and survival leads to responsibility, responsibilityleads to love and self-control and also responsibility relates tolove. This is created by the way the user creates the setting of thenovel.

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