Sunday, May 26, 2019

Health coach Essay

Being a health coach for gamescape these past 5 weeks has in truth helped me reach a better understanding of health and wellness. Having a team with such different backgrounds and very different in their whole aspect of health and wellness was a challenge at times but that is what make me understand health and wellness so much better. Being the team leader and having to beat different life decisions for the three other team members helped me see how changing some small things can have a huge uphold in your life.I have learned that even someone who is very active and fit like June in gamescape was there is still room for value and better health choices to be made. The most important thing that I have learned is that there has to be balance between all sextette elements in order to reach optimal health. It is really important to understand each element and make it a part of your life because if one is listless in your life then you can not reach true health and wellness.Before gamescape I had no idea about the six elements that make up health and wellness. I knew that all those things were important but I never really knew the role the six elements have in reaching optimal health. Also learning all the ways that I can help prevent chronic disease has been great, learning about all the risk factors made me very scared at first but I also know now that I can help prevent it.

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