Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Requirements for Research Essay

Abstract This study entitled â€Å"Orange (Citrus Sinensis) Peelings Extract as an Alternative shoe Polish† aims to aims to determine if orange peeling oil extract be a good alternative for shoe polish specifically to answer the following questions (1) What specific properties of the shoe polish produced are present/ identified? (2) What are the physical properties of the orange peeling extract shoe polish as to texture, color, and odor? (3) Is there significant difference/s between the orange peeling extract and coconut oil shoe polish with that of the other commercially sold shoe polish in terms of: polish-ness, odor, and texture? The researcher then conducted a series of experiments to test the project. These processes are the extraction of oil from the orange peelings that would be then mixed with the coconut oil produced (cooked) from the coconut plant and the testing and comparing of the alternative shoe polish made with that of the commercially sold shoe polish. The test was conducted with the use of leather shoes as the test object. The results showed that the alternative shoe polish produced has almost the same qualities as to that of the commercially sold shoe polish in terms of its physical properties. The produced shoe polish made the shoes shine a little bit and produced a nice odor considering the natural scent of the orange oil which is added to the mixture. The researcher recommends  trying testing different ratios of each and seeing in what trial it produced the best shoe polish. Further reading about the project is also recommended to widen the scope of study and to produce an alternative shoe polish that would be of help in aiming for the alternative shoe polish with the nearest qualities with that of commercial shoe polish. Acknowledgement The researcher wish to extend her sincerest appreciation to the following people who helped make this research. They are the ones who helped and supported me in performing this research. First to our Project Adviser and Research Teacher, Ma’am Juliet Ilustre-Herreria for continuously guiding and helping me throughout the making of my investigatory project; asked some tricky questions and suggested some opinions that eventually helped a lot in making the project. Next, to my cousin, Sherwin Keith Saringan for helping me choose what project to make and giving some information that could be of great help. To my parents, Mr. and Mrs. Balcorta for me giving support and supplying the materials that would be needed for this project to be completed. To my classmates and friends for giving encouragement whenever I lose hope and most of all to the Lord, up above, for answering my prayers and continuously guiding me in doing this research. Without these people around me, my investigatory project entitled, Orange (Citrus sinensis) Peeling Extract as an Alternative Shoe Polish, won’t be finished.

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