Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Tream paper Term Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Tream - Term Paper Example Modern buildings still incorporate beauty of art in there structural design which is in line with the old practice of pre-modern architecture. According to a quote from â€Å"Improvement of Modern Systems† by Sitte- â€Å"Our study has certainly demonstrated that it is not at all necessary to design modern city plans in as stereotyped a fashion as is the custom, that it is quite unnecessary to forgo in them all the beauties of art and the attainments of the past†, he confirms how pre-modern architecture focused on ornamentation that were aesthetic in value. In as far as the ornamentation in modern architecture need to maximize the good of all users, the necessity of stereotyped fashion that focused more on beauties of art was still somewhat of use in modern architecture. However, it is impractical to conceive stone ceilings much better contrived compared to those of the early churches. This is because they are at once, beautiful, light, substantial, and lofty. First, th ey are light, since, their principal strength anchors in the ribs and the intermediate spaces or the spandrils are packed in with small light stones. Secondly, they are substantial, since for every stone being cut to the centre and forming the portions of the curve, when combined they are capable of thwarting immense pressure and the keys or the bosses wedging all together. Thirdly, they are beautiful, since for no ceiling is worth being conceived more elegant and graceful than an elongated perspective of lines and arches which radiate from exquisitely carved centers. Fourthly, they are lofty, since, not only in relation to the elevation at which these stone ceilings of early churches are placed, but also that their construction enables the clerestory windows to get carried up high with a crown of the arch inside the intermediate spaces. Pitch roof express beauty and slide off snow Pre-modern architecture design utilized pitch roof so often. This is because of its perceived utility and beautiful appearance as opposed to the ugly look of flat roof. In pointed architecture, the pitch of roof is a subject in which certain useful observations might be made. One can find, on examination that the extremely beautiful pitch of any roof or gable end is undoubtedly an inclination satisfactorily steep to slide off snow without offering the slate too perpendicular a strain, that is created by the two sides on equilateral triangle. When this form is departed from, the gable definitely appears either too widely spread or painfully acute. Every really beautiful form in ornamentation of architecture is actually based on soundest principles of utility. The Practical men know how fiat-pitched roofs, that are extremely ugly in appearance, are nothing more than an ill calculated roof incapable of resisting the action of weather. Moreover, especially in slated roofs, gusts of wind in fact, blow under and also lift up the covering. Purpose of ornamentation is a factor to consider i n design work The purpose of ornamentation should come out clearly and be shown in the both internal and external appearance of any design work. Ornamentation should clearly reveal the purpose unto which a building is to be put. A building for worship of God, for example; should be different from the one used for settlements. A chapel should be different from house of residence. Cathedral should be differe

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