Monday, July 29, 2019

Trying to rehabilitate offenders is a waste of time and money Essay

Trying to rehabilitate offenders is a waste of time and money - Essay Example These high rates of behaviour of falling back into crime have driven the prison population to rapidly increase and have caused a widespread overcrowding, slowing down a number of opportunities for rehabilitation and education, and have lowered the level of motivation for both the staff and the prisoners. To address this issue, the government of the United Kingdom has been spending on new prison places which have been merely designed for control security instead of being focused on the education and rehabilitation that their increasing number of prisoners need. Most of these British prisoners are young men under 30 who do not have proper education; therefore without the correct education and skills, only a small number of these prisoners will be capable of building meaningful lives that will turn away from crime, regardless of how long or how often they have been in prison (Ogloff 1999). Community sentences are also handled by the probation service and staff who work with the prisoners, their victims and partners who closely work with criminal justice agencies such as the police and the prisons. These three agencies are required by the law to work together in managing and supervising the community. The primary goals of the penal system as well as the individuals who facilitate it are to protect the public and implement the proper punishment for the offenders of the community. This system of punishment is also used to make sure that the offenders are aware of their crimes and its effects on their victims and communities; therefore, these individuals should undergo proper analysis and rehabilitation. Rehabilitation programmes have been created as part of the penal system to implement transformation on prisoners for them to change and become better and productive citizens. However, this will entail support from concerned agencies and more importantly, the

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