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Criminological Theory Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 1

Criminological Theory - Essay ExampleResearch has proven that factors such as possession of particular genes, low levels of serotonin activity, neurological deficits, malnutrition and environmental pollution to a large extent increase the likelihood of an individual engaging in criminal activities. Lack of nutrients and mineral has a negative impact on the physical growth, cognitive development and intellectual growth of an individual and high or low levels of some minerals such as sodium, calcium and amino acids has been found to lead to cognitive dysfunctions, loss of memory and maniac behaviour which lead to increase propensity to engage in criminal behaviour. Steven Mobley, was arrested and convicted of murder for shooting the manager of Dominos Pizza store, his lawyers presented his case for litigation as that Mobley had a account of behavioural disorders, which might bring on resulted in a genetic disorder that was beyond his control, they requested for funding to prove this claim that was rejected (Mobley vs State, 1995). sociological theories Sociological theories in explaining crime causation try to relate the chances of an individual becoming a criminal to sociable factors such as the social structures including ethnicity, class, religion and language. opposite theories emphasise on the importance of social conditions in increasing the probability of an individual engaging in criminal activities, these theories are more interested in explaining the relationship between crime and factors such as social inequality, peer, influence and social disorganisation within a community, the consequences of individuals inability to achieve social success. Individuals who have been brought up in communities where criminal activities are encouraged are more likely to engage in criminal activities than those where3 the activity is abhorred. In addition, difference in social classes and peer influence are likely to encourage an individual to engage in criminal acti vities in order to fit or as a means of revenging against people of higher social classes whom they view to have gained the wealth at their expense. 17 year old boy was accused of cleanup position a woman through stabbing and strangling her, in his defence he argued that he had killed because of watching a movie titled A clockwork orangish several times which inspired him to do bad things. The Clockwork Orange movie is about a young Briton with an empty stare who always acts correspond to his impulses. The movie portrays the character with his gang being involved in rape incidences in the streets of London, it was criticised for the levels of violence in it and later withdrawn from circulation in the country (Anonymous, 1990). . psychological theories Psychological theories in explaining the propensity of an individual to engage in criminal activity are concerned with the relationship between crime and personality traits, social factors, cognitive and developmental factors, these theories focus on individuals, family or the societal psychology. Research on the psychological aspect of explaining criminal behaviour show that developmental factors such as parental supervision, neglect, child-rearing practices, attachment, abuse and the parent own behaviour or engagement in criminal activ

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