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Diagnosis And Treatment Of Melanoma Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Diagnosis And Treatment Of melanoma - Essay ExampleMelanoma is extraordinarily dangerous, but if detected early, it is one of the most preventable forms of cancer (Ingraffea 35).As with many diseases, both environmental and hereditary factors have a silent effect upon the exhibition of melanoma. Until recently, it was assumed that overall mental picture level to the sun and/or the number of severe sunburns that an individual received during their spirit or the last-ditch culprits to whether or not melanoma was exhibited. However, further analysis and discussion by researchers has revealed the fact that the overall number of sunburns and/or the overall amount of time of exposure that individual has a son is not necessarily a determining factor with respect to whether or not melanoma will be exhibited in spite of appearance the individual or not.As can readily be understood, genetic factors also play a powerful role in determining whether or not an individual will be particularl y susceptible to this form of skin cancer. However, the genetic factors that contribute to the overall susceptibility and likelihood of ontogenesis melanoma at any one point in life argon not the same as the genetic factors that contribute to issues such as warmness disease, high blood pressure, or a litany of other health problems. What is meant by this is the fact that the genetic issues that contribute to the prevalence of melanoma within specific individuals are predicated upon the skin construction, hair color, eyes, and other unique genetic indicators? For instance, an individual that is born with a naturally darker complexion as compared to an individual that has blonde hair sullen eyes and relatively pale or light skin is at a distinctly lower likelihood of developing melanoma within their lifetime (Gogas et al. 883). By means of comparison and contrast, an individual that has white features and relatively pale skin is at a much higher genetic risk of developing melanoma t hroughout their life.

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