Thursday, June 20, 2019

Marketing Behavior and Decision-Making Assignment - 1

Marketing Behavior and Decision-Making - Assignment ExampleIn addition, this course also highlights how the decision-making process is affected by social, marketing and early(a) situational factors. According to research, the customers usually go through a five-stage process. This personate is extremely crucial for individuals during the creation of marketing decisions. As stated above, this model includes need recognition, information search, evaluation of alternatives, purchase and post-purchase analysis (Kardes, 2001). This course enables learners to manage all these stages hence, persuading the potential client that the product surely satisfies his or her needs.On the otherwise hand, an MBA (Master of Business Administration) distributor point is usually awarded to learners who have understood and mastered the study of calling (Gorman, 2003). Researchers claim that this degree is considered as a prominent degree compared to other degree courses all over the world. The learne rs are equipped with knowledge which can be applied in several real world business situations. Individuals with the MBA degree have successfully managed to advance their careers and also increase their salary potential in a significant way. This is because most of the MBA graduates are eligible to apply for the crinkle vacancies in the current business world.In fact, job vacancies that are related to the executive and senior management positions usually require individuals who have an MBA degree. Most of the MBA programs wisecrack the required skills in general management through a specialized curriculum (Gorman, 2003). This form of education is quite relevant in most business sectors and industries. In the MBA degree, there are different disciplines that are offered. Some of the most common disciplines include marketing, economics, accounting, finance, information systems, entrepreneurship, global management and operations management among

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